Ben Klick Wins 2020 Award

Ben Klick wins the 2020 Interactive Artist of the Year Award at the BC Country Music Association Awards.

First, I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU for supporting and listening to my music, and continuing to believe in me and my career. It’s an honour to be recognized by fans and music industry peers for what I do. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone with a lot of new changes moving to a new “virtual normal”. But as I look back on the year, you helped make this year a success for virtual

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back in May changing the lives of thousands of people, you made “Meet Me On The Dance Floor” my most streamed single to date, and you continue to follow all of your favourite artists on their journeys. ⁠

To my fellow artists in the category, Aaron Pritchett, JoJo Mason, Karen Lee Batten, The Heels, and The Promised, you guys are awesome with your online live shows, #MentalHealthMondays, and giving all of us an insight into your lives. Congratulations on your releases and successes this year! ⁠
Be safe, stay well, and I look forward to sharing more new music with you all soon!

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