Quarantine Blues

Ben Klick¬†drove over 3500 miles back to Canada from Nashville, TN after a 4 month “Artist Development Trip” of songwriting, singing, guitar playing, and recording. In the final days of packing up the house, the news around COVID-19 was released and Klick headed straight for the border crossing near Emerson, Manitoba. The drive north through the US and West to British Columbia along the Trans-Canada Highway took 4 days.

It was like driving through “ghost towns”. The only people on the roads were those trying to get back home to their families and the truck drivers making deliveries. Outside of that, I’ve never seen it so deserted out on the road.

After returning home, Ben self-isolated for 14 days. During this time, he wrote a song called “Quarantine Blues” with the hopes to put a smile on people’s faces during this crazy time we’re living in. Stay safe, be mindful and respectful to your friends and family, and stay healthy.

Listen to “Quarantine Blues” HERE:

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