Released July 31, 2018

Track 1: Legacy

This record is a year and a half in the making. Flying back and forth to Nashville, TN, and working with Clay Krasner and RyLee Madison of 7-17 Music, my co-writers, other musicians, and coaches has taught me a lot about myself as an artist, musician, and as a man. Music is how I want to be remembered. When I think of artists like Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Shania Twain... Each artist is known for the music they shared with the world and their diverse stories. People buy their records, T-shirts, and tickets to their shows because they LOVE and relate to their music. There is nothing more gratifying to an artist than a fan's support.




Because of you, I get to share my stories and create music. 

Legacy - Ben Klick
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Writers: Ben Klick / RyLee Madison 

Track 2: Middle Of Nowhere

Getting lost with that one special person that you care about most. Getting away from the craziness that life can bring. Packing up, hitting the road, and going "off the grid" to that place you can relax and let go. Great music, good company... Out in the Middle of Nowhere...

Middle Of Nowhere - Ben Klick
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Writers: Ben Klick / Jimmy Thow / David Borys

Track 3: What's Going On

The first song to be recorded for the record and the first single to be played on the local major country music reporting radio station. It was mid-winter, and as I watched snow fall outside my window, I had a guitar in my hand and started playing and singing a melody. What I played reminded me of the warm summer months ahead, and was a "feel good groove".

What's Going On - Ben Klick
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Writers: Ben Klick / Dave Faber / David Borys

Track 4: That's Who I Wanna Be

Family has always been my "number one". Growing up in a home with my Mum, Dad, and sister, where love and support comes first, has shaped me into the man I am today. And it is the relationship between my parents that inspired this song. Mum and Dad flew down to Nashville for the recording of this song, and if you listen close, you may be able to hear them. They got behind the mic and sang part of the background vocal "Oh's".

That's Who I Wanna Be - Ben Klick
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Writers: Ben Klick / Adam Wheeler / RyLee Madison

Track 5: A Better Man

Life changes. Some things that happen are out of your control. And as time moves on, people can be put into situations where they may have to step up, make adjustments, and be that person someone can lean on.


I worked at a retirement home for 4 years where the residents called me the "singing waiter". I'll never forget the night that one couple, at a table for two, told me about how they lost their son fighting for his country. Shortly there after, the man was diagnosed with diabetes. And in all their years, the one thing this man's wife told me her husband never did was complain about how things had happened. How he always kept his head held high, and he was proud of the life he had lived. 


My parents are two of my biggest supporters and role models. They've always worked together, been there for each other through thick and thin, and have sacrificed things to make my sister's and my life the best they can be. Moving to a different city, working from home, driving us around the globe... 


I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Life is all about the journey, and I'm very grateful to have the life I do. And to be able to share it through music with all of you is incredible.

A Better Man - Ben Klick
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Writers: Ben Klick / RyLee Madison

Track 6: Blind Side

Blind Side was written three years ago and "re-surfaced" when it came time to pick songs for the record. After graduating from college and my sister heading off to University, those stories of sitting in the bleachers and cheering on the home team were made. The sports community is like a big family. Like a support group. We were there because of someone we knew on the field, or because of the relationships created in the stands, and you never know… if your lucky enough, you may also catch yourself watching something other than the game…

Blind Side - Ben Klick
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Writers: Ben Klick / Jeff Johnson / RyLee Madison

Track 7: The Magician

I've always loved magic. I taught myself how to juggle. I love the idea of card tricks and illusions. And on my first trip to Nashville, I went to the 3rd & Lindsley Bar & Grill to watch Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers play. They are the masters of Western Swing. And I fell in love with the sound.


As time went on, the final songs were being picked to make the record, and this song was everything I'm about. It told my story about growing up as a kid, and it brought me back to my first trip to Nashville. 


And as the "cherry on top", Clay and RyLee, my producers down in Nashville, got a few of the Time Jumpers into a studio to record this song as a surprise. Two takes, live off the floor, and a few over-dubs for a couple instruments. 


Now THAT'S magic.

The Magician - Ben Klick
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Writers: Ben Klick / Tim Taylor


All photos taken by: Mark Maryanovich Photography

Album Design by: RyLee Madison

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